6 Tips When Choosing a Domain Name

domain registration pretoria eastDomain Registration Pretoria East and Centurion

Choosing a domain name for your blog or web design is as important as the name you provide your company. You’re domain name should be memorable while having a positive impact on your business. Grey Pebbles Design Studio provides instant Website Hosting Pretoria East and Centurion area!

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding on the name of your website domain:

Be unique
You want to build a brand and market your products and services through your domain name. Choose a name that won’t confuse the public with another brand or company. Not only is it dangerous to copy another company’s name, it will also have a negative impact towards your companies identity.

Use intuitive
You want your target audience to associate with your domain name. Choose a name that will have an impact on your target audience from the first moment they see it. Your target audience should immediately be connected to your business and want to see more about what your website design is all about.

Use keywords
It is very clever to choose a name with the most important keywords of your business (Discover the best keywords with Moz). You can even add the location to your domain name if you only provide products and services to a specific area. For example if you provide clothing services you can make the domain name: clothingservices.co.za or you can add the location: clothingservicespretoria.co.za

Make it memorable
With thousands of domain names out there, do the necessary research and choose something that will stick with the public. It shouldn’t be difficult for your audience to remember so be creative and unique.

Make it easy
Choose a name that will be easy to spell. Don’t choose a name that will be to difficult to type. Don’t use slang and abbreviations, this will make it hard for your audience to find you. Remember that numbers also confuses people.

Target your area
By targeting your area and placing your location to your name will have a positive impact on your target audience. This will also have a good impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how search engines find you to rank in Google.

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