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Email Marketing Pretoria East & Centurion

Grey Pebbles provides Email Marketing Pretoria East and Centurion based. Nowadays it is a tricky business to send out mass communication to your clients via email. There are many different obstacles, such as internet service provider limitations, mail server configuration, spam flagging and legal restrictions. We are able to assist you to not only compile a professional-looking mailer, but also send it on your behalf in such a manner that it does not negatively affect mail servers or the reputation of your domain and company name. Furthermore, we can assist you with the legal requirements of the mailer and manage your subscriptions. We will take care of the initial compilation of your mailing list, remove un-subscribers, correct errors and do the general maintenance of your distribution list.

Factors influencing the cost of your mailer and maintenance include:

  • The number of addresses on your database
  • Spelling accuracy of the addresses
  • Bounce rate of initial distribution (the rate at which emails bounce back)
  • Unsubscribe rate after initial distribution

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