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Blog design is very similar to Web Design, but Bloggers often prefer to show around 8-12 recent posts on their home page. The main difference is that a blog constantly provides fresh content and information in posts. The layout of the website always remains the same.

A blog design is also much more interactive than a Website Design with Social Media platforms and is a means of back and forward linking between the blog and for example Facebook.

web design pretoriaPeople that will benefit mostly from blogs are:

  • Fitness coaches
  • Nutritionists / Food blog
  • Celebrities
  • Actors
  • Musicians
  • Weddings
  • Conferences & Training

This is a means of sharing and informing visitors and the public about you, your business or services on a regular basis. A blog will keep your visitors up to date with important information regarding events, dates, reminders, and helpful tips to get by everyday.

Through blogging you can generate fresh content that stimulates discussion and interaction on your website. By adding a Blog Design to a website and continuously updating and interacting with individuals on the blog, you can stimulate new ideas and provoke discussions to improve one’s standings within the online environment.

In following the trends that form part of the internet today, you are safeguarding the future of your own website. By staying pro-active in developing and growing the website by using such features as blogs and discussion forums, it negates the possibility of being left behind when your competition is doing the same.

The ability to share information is at the heart of the most popular websites today and illustrates the trend of what most users expect from websites. Therefore you should enable users to share information from your website and blog on these popular Social Media Marketing Platforms. Linking your blog to Facebook, Twitter and sharing via email can greatly enhance the reach of the information you are aiming to disseminate among visitors.


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