Website Design Trends 2016

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We use the latest technology and keep up with all the latest trends when it comes to Website Design. Check out the new website trends for 2016:

1. Full-Width Images
Big images elevates the quality of a blog and web design, and has a big visual impact on your website. Visitors are more likely to scroll down to look for more content which also makes it engaging. Big images keeps your users on your website for longer because they stare at your images, something they would not have done if there was no big images.

2. Responsive Design
It’s becoming one of the most popular factors today for any website design. Reason being, a responsive design ranks higher in Google, which means that you will receive more traffic and leads. Your visitors will spend more time on your website design because it is user friendly.

3. Minimalism
This creates easy navigation and user friendliness. Visitors want to navigate through your website easily and find exactly what they’re looking for in a quick manner. A good way to also achieve this is to ask a question and answer it in a short sentence with a link attached.

4. Video
Videos is becoming more and more popular in building trust. Adding a video to your website can help visitors to get familiar with your brand and learn more about your products and services at the same time. It’s also getting easier to create videos and uploading them to your site. Prezi is a great presentation software where you can create a video.

5. Parallax Scrolling
This is the development of innovative scrolling where an image changes as you scroll down a website. This has become popular lately because website users today wants to get entertained and more engaging. Draw attention while at the same time creating a fun experience for your visitors.

6. Long Scroll
This works very well for any websites that want to tell a story to their visitors. Presenting a long scroll with a minimalist look can create a user friendly experience. This also provides user-engagement and will keep your visitors on your site longer.

7. Animations
Animations is used more and more to enhance storytelling and entertain your visitors. This is especially popular with flat designs. Website Animations include spinners, hover, zoom and picture changing.

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