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With Social Media Marketing, such as Facebook and Twitter, having become so popularized within our culture today, everyone wants to share their opinions and thoughts on a global forum. Blogs and discussion forums on websites fulfills this function, enabling stakeholders, experts and other interest parties to share their opinions, comments and ideas thereby creating a shared knowledge base on topics relevant to the industry. We provide both blog and Website Design in Pretoria, South Africa!

Through blogging you can generate fresh content that stimulates discussion and interaction on your website. This is quintessential within the online environment today where websites that do not change become discarded and outdated rather quickly, people lose interest and no longer need such websites. By adding a Blog Design to a website and continuously updating and interacting with individuals on the blog, you can stimulate new ideas and provoke discussions to improve one’s standings within the online environment.

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In following the trends that form part of the internet today, you are safeguarding the future of your own website. By staying current and proactive in developing and growing the website by using such features as blogs and discussion forums, it negates the possibility of being left behind when your competition is doing the same. When pre-empting the competitions actions, the possibility exists of establishing your business as the industry expert, allowing you to set the benchmark and heighten the bar for those who have not yet climbed on the “bandwagon”.

Grey Pebbles assists you by implementing the blogging function on the website and can also assist in getting the ball rolling, by generating content and participating in discussions for your company. This can be done to get started or as an aspect of your online media campaign to ensure your website works for you in the manor it was intended to.

The ability to share information is at the heart of the most popular websites today and illustrates the trend of what most users expect from websites. Therefore you should enable users to share information from your website and blog on these popular Social Media Platforms. Linking your blog to Facebook, Twitter and sharing via email can greatly enhance the reach of the information you are aiming to disseminate among visitors.

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